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iPad Top Game - Best Rated Worldwide
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iPad Top Game

The iPad is a fantastic game platform to develop for because you can develop a game for the iPhone and it should work just fine on the iPad since it runs on the same operating system.

But some developers develop a separate version of a game for the iPad unlocking use of the larger screen and added graphics capabilities.

iPad’s Top Game

Rovio is one developer that makes iPad versions of its games.  In fact, Rovio is the developer of the highest rated iPad game worldwide which is Angry Birds.

While Temple Run has more ratings than Angry Birds, Angry Birds has a special iPad version called Angry Birds HD and that alone has more than 70,000 ratings averaging to 4.5 stars.  While Angry Birds HD is a paid game, iPad users can download a free version and still has the fun gameplay elements.

The free version has more than 140,000 ratings so the numbers really add up. It is no wonder Rovio declares Angry Birds as the number one iPad app.

Best Rated Worldwide

Young and old people alike praise the game for its simple and addictive gameplay.  Even legendary Nintendo video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto praised Angry Birds and went as far as wishing that he thought of the idea.

Basically, nobody has thought of the idea of using the touchscreen to operate a slingshot to launch an object at targets and let physics handle the rest.  It is the kind of game that you can just pick up and play without any complicated tutorial.

It is also a game that can be hard to master as there are hundreds of challenging levels and a score system that will encourage you to aim for the highest score.  While physics-based games involve a lot of trial and error, Angry Birds has plenty of depth with different birds that have different functions so there is a sense of strategy.

Addictive Touch

But it isn’t just the gameplay mechanics that made Angry Birds such a huge hit.  The other main element lies on the overall charm and cartoonish presentation of the game.

Right now the Angry Birds characters are instantly recognizable and has even reached the point where a cartoon series is in production.  Search online and you can find numerous plush toys and other Angry Birds toys and accessories.

The story of Angry Birds is also simple and cute involving a bunch of birds hoping to retrieve their eggs from green pigs.  The story can get deep as well when you get involved with the sequels and spin-off games.

Interactive Twists

Finally, Angry Birds HD is a free game and has better graphics than the original Angry Birds game that is optimized for iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

The first Angry Birds title was released back in 2009 and it continues to receive updates with new levels.

The game has been so successful that it prompted Rovio to release themed levels and newer versions with the same basic gameplay mechanics but a bunch of interesting twists to keep the series fresh.

Games End

iPad Top Game SkillsWhen the entertainment is over you may want to be able to really use your iPad device like a professional.

Experience is everything and the fact to fully utilize its functionality and capability, training is required.

We’ve reviewed 2 simple and detailed tutorial systems that will allow any individual to become a pro quickly.

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  1. Jeb says:

    Hey Lionel you actually make the iPad seem so exciting and easy to use its functionality, along with your good explanations and helpful tips! Here’s a quick question; is the new iPad bigger than the iPad 2? Also can you point me to your contact details please.

    • Lionel says:

      Hi Jeb so nice to have you stop by and visit, especially with such kind comments – the iPad screens are the same size, but the ipad 1 is thicker than the ipad 2. The new iPad (3rd generation) is slightly thicker than the iPad 2. To contact us go here:

  2. Neville says:

    Great site Lionel with excellent and appropriate articles – here’s a question; how do you play Facebook poker on iPad – I’m having a problem?

    • Lionel says:

      Hi Neville, thanks for visiting and your very kind accolade! Facebook Poker requires flash which unfortunately at present you cannot play it on the iPad. There are however a couple of other poker rooms that use Html5 instead of Flash that you can play poker with on the iPad. Hope this helps and please call back again!

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