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iPad Setup Free Tips & Tricks – Ace your tablet like a Pro
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iPad Setup

This page was last updated on Tuesday 14th of November 2017

iPad setup takes you to the iTunes Welcome Screen [ensure you have the latest version] once plugged in and charged.

Follow the setup menu steps and agreeing to license agreement, then ‘sign in’ with your iTunes Account.  See the Initializing Steps further below.

iPad Setup

Keep-in-mind not to use up your memory as it runs out quicker than you think – iPad apps are a lot bigger than iPhone’s, so be selective on what choices you make when syncing and avoid media apps which love memory!

iPad setup when using it for the first time is amazingly simple now that Apple has introduced their new iOS update allowing it to be done without even connecting your device to a PC.

In addition, Apple’s Retail Store recently set up its Genius Bar online to provide iPad support – expert advice takes you through iPad lessons on shopping for a new tablet, to answering all your questions, to a ‘personalized’ guided tour, thru to set up help for your new devise.

iPad Setup Advice

                            Help at the Apple Store Genius Bar

According to some users that have drawen on the Apple Store Online support say; “it’s a nice feature with visual aids and have the actual operation demonstrated that’ll help the normal folks, they are sooo helpful in store and if you need help when you get home going online is easy” whist others say; “they can’t help you with technical problems and don’t really know much, they’re only there to help you complete the sale, they’ll tell you how it works or you can pay ~$50 for them to teach you how!”

iPad Setup – Ace your tablet like a Pro

To get started you’ll need your Wi-Fi network password (assuming it’s a secured network) and within 5 minutes you can have your new iPad up and running.

However, the crazy thing is that once its setup most of us only have an elementary understanding on how to operate these complex tablets.

We don’t even know any of the tips and tricks or shortcuts that make it easier to operate – and Apple continues to evolve iPad’s functionality compounding the problem.  Look at the iOS update and all of a sudden there’s a load of ‘cool features’ emerging.

So if you’re wondering how to setup your devise, tap into some quality iPad lessons and learn to ace your tablet like a pro, then you’re in the RIGHT place!

Simple Initializing Steps

Finding out about everything your device can offer is a hot topic, but first here’s some iPad lessons with some basic steps you need to take to get started quickly.

  • Language; select your preferred language.
  • Country or Region; select your location allowing the correct Apple App Store connection.
  • Location Services; select your location – you can turn off later, including any apps.
  • Wi-Fi Network; select your preferred network provider and enter your password if secured.
  • Set Up; select as New (using it for the first time) or Restore From Backup (iTunes or iCloud – if problems required a full restore).
  • Apple ID; enter or create a new Apple ID (typically email address as your username and password).
  • Install iTunes on your PC; to make the most from your iPad – makes life simpler and enhances what you can do.
  • Terms and Conditions; select ‘Agree’ and emailed by touching icon at the top of the screen.
  • iCloud Set Up; select if you want to back-up to iPad on a daily basis (recommended).
  • Restore from Backup; select your most recent backup to correct a problem (Options: 1. Factory Default 2. iTunes 3. iCloud).
  • Find My iPad; select this feature to track the location of your iPad (help find lost or recover if stolen).
  • Diagnostics; select whether or not to send a daily diagnostic report to Apple (information is used to better serve customers).

I hope you’ve found these basic iPad setup steps useful in using your iPad, and remember if visiting the Apps Store, it will be much better and simpler to manage your iPad through iTunes.

Quality iPad Lesson Guides

Once setup, learning how to turn your iPad into a practical and purposeful tool is not as easy as it sounds, especially if it’s unfamiliar and you’re feeling a bit lost.

iPad Setup & LearnWhile an iPad is an easy device to use, and if like me, you’re hoping to download a guide with lessons that shows the best tips and tutorials to start acing it like a pro immediately.

In reality it’s a different story, I’ve spent numerous hopeless and fruitless days searching out online products that will help me master my Apple iPad to the point of almost desperation.

Finally, after a tortuous search I eventually uncovered some decent iPad lesson guides that are original and genuine, providing easy-to-follow instructions for making the most of the iPad, features and apps.

After further searching and carefully researching these uncovered lesson guides I found that the majority of products currently downloaded are from only 2 websites:

1.    iPad Video Lessons (#1 Selling Online iPad Lesson Internationally*)
2.    iPad 4 Idiots

NOTE: These 2 sites offer the best teaching lesson guides that WILL help you ace your device like a pro and have FUN. Tutorials are EASY for both newbies and geeks, and you’ll learn some amazing features.

Want To Find Out More…

iPad Setup MembershipThe likelihood is you’re navigating your iPad and wishing you could handle it like a pro, but the only way to squeeze the most out of it is to LEARN how.

Simply discover for yourself the best-selling iPad lessons guide and find out more about it, how much it costs, and exactly what is included.  You can get all the details here:


Click Here to Visit iPad Video Lessons Website

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* iPad Video Lessons continues to be the #1 selling iPad lesson guide on ClickBank for the last couple of years and recognized as the most complete and comprehensive collection available on the market.

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    I’m amazed at how fast your blog loaded on my phone .. I’m not even using WIFI, just 3G .
    . Anyhow, great site!

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  3. Jo Kellerman says:

    Please can you help Lionel, I have an iPad 1 and I recently downloaded music to my new laptop. I setup my iPad on my old desktop. Now I want to put the music onto my iPad from my new laptop, but when I click sync it tells me it will delete everything on my iPad first… I definitely do not want to do that… How can I add music from a computer that is not the “Main” Computer.

    • Lionel says:

      Thanks for making contact Jo – Well there are 2 ways; the 1st way is to click on your ipad’s name on iTunes and choose the Summary tab then check the manually manage my music box. The 2nd way and easiest is to download “i-FunBox” and use it is a fantastic app in managing everything on your i-device from music to videos to images you can even install apps and backup apps on your device. Hope this helps!

  4. Seb says:

    Hi I’m back looking over your great site and am wondering if you can help? I just got the iPad 3 and every time I try to connect to the iTunes Store it shows me a ‘cannot connect to iTunes store’ message. I’ve tried resetting it but its still not connecting. Would you have any idea how to fix this? Thanks !

  5. Matt says:

    Enjoyed studying your articles and posts which to my surprise have a lot of great tips and advice – not easy to find this caliber of competence on the internet. I hope you actually post again in the near future. Good effort and thanks

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    Greetings! Very useful and helpful advice on this site as always – does the iPad support multiple users? Thanks in appreciation.

    • Lionel says:

      Hi Jon, nice to see you back visiting and once again thanks for your comments – sorry to disappoint you but the answer is it doesn’t have any functionality for multi-user support.

  8. Mary Potter-Smythe says:

    Your creative writing abilities and teaching had inspired me to invest in your ipad lessons which I was a great skeptic, but after muddling through some of them and actually learning to better use my beloved ipad, i wanted to let you know what a great service you are providing. Thank you!!

  9. Lizzy says:

    Thanks for the interesting information this site, it’s very helpful and I keep learning with every visit! I too hope you keep-up the good work!

    • Lionel says:

      Hi Lizzy it is so refreshing to receive great feedback and to know that it’s making a difference out there! Thanks for visiting and hope to see you back soon.

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    • Lionel says:

      Hi Holly and great to see you back visiting and your much appreciated accolade, keep posted as I’ve got some more great info coming shortly!

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    I wanted to express my delight in stumbling upon your site and actually learning about some very useful tips on setting-up my iPad. Keep to the good work and thanks.

    • Lionel says:

      Hey Duncan, thanks for your kind words of encouragement, it really helps to know that this site is making a difference out there!

  13. Debs Jason says:

    At last a worthy Site and with interesting articles, it’s hard to find this type of content on the internet, to my experience it’s usually regurgitated rubbish! I find your lessons worth every dollar!!

    • Lionel says:

      Hi Debs, it’s good to know that I’m providing a useful service and the lessons worthwhile, thanks for visiting – see you again soon!

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