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iPad in School – A Generation of Tech-Savvy Kids
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iPad in School

iPad Lessons: A Generation of Tech-savvy Kids! According to CNET’s Brooke Crothers, Apple appears to have hit another consumer sweet spot with the iPad Mini.  So, can it get sweeter with iPad 2013: Mini on the rise?

iPad lessons add an exciting element to the classroom!  With the world, virtually at the student’s fingertips, information is instantly accessible.  What’s more, learning via iPad is a fun, fascinating educational methodology, which inspires students to greatness.

iPads In SchoolsWith the advent of the iPad mini, the cutting-edge device becomes even more accessible to students. iBooks allow students to interactively connect with content, highlight relevant portions of text and take quizzes.  In addition, digital textbooks are generally cheaper and some vendors offer the unique feature of purchasing selected chapters as needed.

When the student doesn’t know a word meaning, with the tap of his finger, a dictionary appears like magic!  During interactive chapter reviews, answers appear as if the student had conjured them from air.

Because kids know no fear, they are taking to iPad lessons like a duck takes to water.  In essence, we’re raising a generation of tech-savvy kids!  For example, through iPad apps, at St. Patrick School, the 5th grade class took a virtual trip to Sydney, Australia, where they worked with a 6th grade class.

Michelle Maltais, Los Angeles Times reports about Drawing on creativity without touching your tablet  – It’s almost a lecturer’s dream – being able to let the students color on a surface without endangering the walls or furniture. Griffin Technologies and Crayola are releasing a lightweight marker-like stylus called the Crayola Light Marker.

Is all this simply phenomenal, or what?  But, the question might come to mind, while students are busily engaged in this innovative way of learning, where does this leave teachers?

Never fear!  Teachers are just as busily engaged in finding iPad tools that will inspire and motivate their students to new heights.  Today’s teachers understand how the skillful choice of iPad lessons will initiate a positive learning environment in their classroom.

Here are a few free, fun tools available:

  • Socrative is an assessment tool, which lets the teacher assess students in a creative manner.  This tool generates a report showing her student’s answers.
  • Evernote teaches the student how to design a digital file to organize their class notes, assignments, projects, etc.
  • Study Blue shows the student how to make online flashcards for reviewing material or taking practice tests.
  • Poll Everywhere is a marvelous tool teachers use to construct challenging assignments that students can pick up on their iPad or home computer.

iPad in Schools

                            iPad in Schools

Remember “field trips”, where we packed a brown bag lunch and went to museums or even took a train to our state’s Capitol?  Enter the modern virtual field trip!  A 5th grade class in Virginia traveled via iPad to such exciting spots as the Yellowstone National Park and the Royal Navy Museum in England.

It’s also encouraging to know that our special needs kids are garnering benefits of iPad lessons!  An institution in Australia reports success with apps such as: Mad Addition, Mad Multiplication and Mad Subtraction to encourage special needs students who are challenged in math.   Another iPad app called Red Fish 4 Kids provides spelling assistance.

Would it interest you to know how traditional learning compares with iPad lessons?  St. Genevieve, an elementary school in Panorama City, CA ran what they termed a “double school”.  They divided each grade into a “control group” and “experiment”.  Using iPads in one “school” and traditional teaching methods in the other, they found that the iPad class excelled in leaps and bounds over traditional teaching.

I’ve personally managed to find some websites that DO offer good quality iPad video lessons.  The lessons weren’t free, but they weren’t expensive either.

Bottom Line: By integrating technology in the classroom, students enjoy a personalized style of learning and have incentives remain engaged in their class work.  iPad lessons increase possibilities in learning and challenge potential in our kids.

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9 Responses to “iPad in School”

  1. Mario J says:

    Kudos on such a great blog with cool info and tips and neat video about the crayola marker, also you mension a few times which begs the question what does 3G do on the iPad? Thankx MJ :D.

    • Lionel says:

      Hey Mario great to have you stopping-by and thanks for the kind comments – simply 3G allows you to Browse the Web anywhere you are without needing a Wi-Fi Connection. Looking forward to have you visiting again soon!

  2. Graham says:

    I guess the remaining issue may be around the use in primary schools as a collaborative device. That is a shared screen with 2 or 3 others… I know the solution is an Apple TV… But more thinking of small groups. Suspect that it may be too little. But will reserve judgement…

  3. Mary says:

    I’ve just got an iPad mini as well, and I must admit it IS much easier to carry around than my other iPad without any noticable difference in performance. I still love the big screen on my iPad though…

    • Lionel says:

      Hi Mary – with the 16gb mini’s price running parallel with the new iPod touch, it will be the answer for 1 to 1 primary schools. Pictures and movies look great on it with the pixels condensed. I have developed a little RSI in the forearm with the iPad 2 and will appreciate the weight loss!

  4. Steve says:

    Hi, Tom – Curious about your comment RE: state testing consortia. Wonder if you have a reference for this that might indicate why a 7″ tab might be a poor choice for state testing. Not saying I disagree but would love to see the rationale for eliminating a form factor.

  5. Tom says:

    Thanks. Important consideration: 7″ tabs won’t be supported by state testing consortia!!

  6. Rose says:

    With iPad vs. iPad mini for schools, you’ve almost sold it to me. I have a few reservations about the screen size, particularly as my eyesight isn’t what it was. I think Apple should pay you for these ads! Perhaps you could send them a link to this website and ask if they’d consider it!

    • Lionel says:

      Hi Rose – after posting this I got these 2 tweets:
      – @joshuakoen said: “For US Schools, iPad mini might be great but screen resolution does not meet minimum @PARCCPlace requirements, so, Nope”
      – @tvanderark said: “great comparison of #iPad v mini, but 7″ tabs won’t be supported by state testing consortia”
      But I don’t know the details behind their statements?

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