iPad Gift Idea – Ultimate Surprise Wonder

The Apple iPad is one of the biggest technological success stories of recent times.

It literally created a whole new category of gadget, the tablet.

There had of course been no tablets before Apple ever created theirs, as with their digital music player, the iPod, and their phone, the iPhone, Apple did things so much better, even when the competition caught up, sales continued to sky-rocket in a way that was truly amazing to behold.

iPad Gift IdeaUltimate Surprise Wonder

We find ourselves then in a situation where the Apple iPad is one of the most wished for gifts, according to research statistics.

And in terms of providing an ultimate surprise wonder gift for that special person, you would be hard pushed to match giving an iPad to reap that wow-factor.

You’re giving a ‘memory’ as well as a ‘gift’

Here are my top 3 reasons why you should buy that someone special an iPad:


  • Surprise Reason #1: Great for Games; if that special someone likes playing games on their PC or Mac then they will be in seventh heaven with the iPad.  It truly is a fabulous gaming platform, and because of the way that Apple has setup their app store, there are literally thousands of game apps that you can enjoy immediately that are either free, or in most cases under $5.  This is a big price difference from platforms like the PlayStation or the Xbox, which admittedly do have cool games, but boy… do you pay for the privilege!
  • Surprise Reason #2: Great for Surfing the Web; the default web browser on the iPad is great for surfing the web.  It used to be the case that it was somewhat hampered by not being able to view Flash content.  But the fact is that because HTML 5 standards are now much more commonplace, it is a rare website where this is now a problem.  And, if you really MUST watch Flash content on your iPad then you can download the Penguin Browser from the app store for under $3.00.  Because IOS 6 (the operating system that Apple has developed for the iPad) is now quite mature, most of the rough edges have been knocked off the browsing experience.  Web pages re-size beautifully, there is tabbed browsing by default, and you can click a “Reader” button to make reading even the smallest font on a website easy.
  • Surprise Reason #3: Great for Socializing; excellent for Email, Facebook and Twitter.  The iPad setup and integration with Outlook and Gmail is now very smooth on the iPad, so it is easy to check your emails from the device in just as effortless a way as you would if you were at your desktop.  The Facebook and Twitter Apps that are available for free are also excellent, and so if you want to post your latest thoughts for the world to see then an iPad makes it crazily easy to do so.

If you need a reliable iPad user guide, keep reading.

Truly A Joy

iPad Gift Idea SurpriseApple’s big achievement with the iPad is in having created a device that’s seamless to integrate and use.

However, if you need a little device user-help which doesn’t require you to read a big manual to figure out how to use it, then you’re in the right place.

I’ve already done the deep-searching and uncovered the ultimate iPad tutorial wonders, which is a gift in its self!  These are the 2 top rated products offered on the market;

Everything is very intuitive to use and quick to learn

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