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iPad for Kids - Some Essential Rules
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iPad for Kids – Some Essential Rules

iPad For Kids

Device rules are an area that you must consider before purchasing an Apple iPad for your child, or else you may discover problems in the future.

Children embrace technology far faster than adults, and handheld devices such as iPad can be beneficial.

However, they can also be distracting for your child and open to abuse.

Some Essential Rules

There are several reasons why parents are deciding that purchasing the iPad for kids is a good idea, but there must always be rules.

Setting ground rules from the start is essential, and will help your child to understand the importance of the iPad they own.  Not only must there be rules for the usage, but also the care of this expensive gadget.

You want your child to appreciate that owning an apple device
is a privilege not a necessity.

Your Kids In Mind

With a fantastic array of apps available, you will be amazed how educational the iPad can be for your child.  You will help to build a strong foundation in languages, writing, phonics and math:

  • Key Rule #1: Work before play; is one of the top rules that parents need to set for their children so that they grasp that their education is far more valuable than games and apps.  By placing rules such as a number of math problems to be solved before they can move onto games is ideal.  You will find that, initially, this will be met with complaints; however, your child will soon learn that work results in rewards.
  • Key Rule #2: Value of objects; teaching your child this is essential, the iPad is an expensive gadget that must be respected.  Explaining to your child that they must not leave the device in an unsafe place, and how the cost is high to replace or repair is necessary.  Designate a safe place for the device to be stored, which will not only keep it safe, but also in reach.
  • Key Rule #3: Take a break; your children need to understand that they must stop every couple of hours and that if they do not the iPad may be removed.  Children will sit and play on handheld devices for hours if you allow them to, which can be unhealthy.  The device is fantastic for learning, but your child needs other activities alongside the iPad for kids.
  • Key Rule #4: Off limits; the App store is incredibly inviting for children, and many do not understand that they have to pay for the Apps that they want to download.  Enforcing that the App store is off limits, regardless of the nature of the App is a top rule that you must set for your children.  You do not want the shock of receiving your bill, and discovering that your child has been spending their virtual money.
  • Key Rule #5: No running; whilst with the iPad may seem like a basic rule, but children love to run everywhere, and it will only take a moment to drop the iPad.  You need to teach your children that they must be sitting whilst using the device, and if they want to carry it, they must do so whilst walking.  You should buy a case for the apple iPad to ensure that any accidental drops will be protected.
  • Key Rule #6: Clean hands; are something that your child needs to understand before they touch and play on the device as sticky fingers can do a massive amount of damage.  The interface is delicate and does not cope with foreign objects being applied.

All rules are flexible, and you may find that you have many more, but these are fantastic to begin and teach your children to unlock this amazing devices’ potential.

Key Tip – Some QUALITY Tutorials

iPad For Kids SafetyAs Apple is gearing up for the launch of its new iPad lineup there is a lot of new technology and application vendors gearing up as well to ensure that all will be made available at launch.  As such there is going to be  a lot of understanding needed to utilize all of its amazing functionality!

I’ve done all the heavy-searching and found the best available iPad lessons offered online, and in particular, video tutorials especially to help your kids become pro-users.

Here are the two most popular places people download their Apple iPad Lessons:

IMPORTANT NOTE: These 2 products listed above aren’t products only dedicated to only Kids.  They also contain hundreds of other tutorials to turn even technophobes into gurus!

Helping You Expand YOUR Skills – QUICKLY! Discover the secret to ‘master’ this device…

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