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iPad For Business – Helpful Quality Apps
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iPad For Business

If there was one major misconception about the iPad it would be that it is mainly used for entertainment. In truth, the IOS 6 iPad system most certainly does allow for some truly imaginative game play thanks to its advanced nature.

That said, entertainment and fun are not the only reasons why someone might wish to own an iPad.  There are scores of professional uses for the device as evidenced by the numerous iPad business apps available for download.  Some applications are free and others are commercial apps.  The main thing is that anyone wishing to make their daily business tasks easier will want to acquire the best ones available.

Sources at Delta Air Lines announce the introduction of a new iPad app, simply called Fly Delta as part of a digital makeover embracing Wi-Fi onboard its flights.  Customers will benefit from the new app which offers first ever “glass bottom jet” feature and unmatched connectivity to social networks during all of their flights.

Top Quality and Helpful iPad Business Apps

iPad for BusinessWhat are some of the best iPad business apps available?  Here is a look at what they are and how they can help make it easier for you to conduct business.

The Basics: Before you think about adding any over the top applications to your iPad, you may wish to be sure the system has the most necessary basic features and applications installed.  Really, how can you conduct business without a calculator, calendar or notepad?  Sure, these items are extremely basic, but they are also extremely helpful.

Actually, if you want a really great Note application, you should look into Evernote since this may be the very best as far as note taking is concerned.

VoIP and Conference Call applications are extremely necessary for those in business.  You never want to be out of the loop.  Quality iPad business apps that contribute to effective communications are a must on any system.  You may also want to download an application that records your calls and video sessions as this could prove very useful.

Spreadsheet applications can be enormously valuable.  Why lug your laptop with you everywhere when you could simply use your iPad to create or display spreadsheets?  There are many excellent applications available for this function and all are well worth looking into.

iPad for BusinessesTask Management applications can be a great help.  The reason for this should not be too difficult to figure out.  It is never easy to organize your daily tasks on your own.

Dictation iPad business apps can be a great help.  It is not always easy to type your notes.  Rather than typing them all out, simply use a dictation program that can convert your speech to text.  It might take a little time for the program to get used to your voice, however, so you have to be somewhat patient at first.

Password Synchronization applications and programs are not something everyone likes to use, but there are those that do find them to be enormously helpful business iPad apps.  For those that do want to sign in and out of various accounts, a quality password sync app can be a huge help.

Of course, these are just a few of the applications that allow you to get help for your business tasks.  No matter what function you are interested in, there is likely a quality application available to you.  Actually, if you are ever unsure of which apps to use, you can also use the iPad Siri feature.  Siri responds to your voice when you ask it about what apps can be most helpful for a specific task.

If you’re looking for a proven iPad training solution and master lessons that will help you a much more enjoyable iPad experience, I personally uncovered a few websites that offer quality iPad lessons which are not free but they are not expensive either:

I can certainly recommend checking out iPad Pete’s website right now to discover for yourself the details.  You may well be impressed by the range and how cheap his lessons really are!

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14 Responses to “iPad For Business”

  1. Sally Brown says:

    Lionel, your blog is very informative! I will start to follow it as you have such good topics which are helpful! Please can you tell if you can make calls using iPad?

    • Lionel says:

      Hi Sally and welcome. In answer, No you can’t, unless you have a third-party application. You must also have an active internet connection. That means on the WiFi model, you’ll need to be connected to an access point, and on the WiFi+3G model, you’ll need to have a cellular connection or WiFi access. The iPad itself (in it’s 3G flavor) has no calling ability. However with the addition of VoiP providing applications, you may make calls with your iPad. Check the App Store for options.

  2. Jayne Fodge says:

    Very good iPad information. It will be valuable to anyone who use’s it, including yours truly :). Keep doing what you are doing – i will definitely read more posts.

  3. J Scott says:

    iPad is a toy, iOS is not a full OS and Win RT is the clear winner in comparision. But for enterprise Surface Pro is the real deal.

  4. Jan says:

    Not bad at all when compared to other sites with iPad info, the pages and articles I’ve read are well written and have some great hints and tips especially the topics on the new iPad mini! Did you go to iPad college or something? Thanks, Jan

  5. Alok Damle says:

    Well this Ipad for menu and ordering is already present here in Pune at The Bridge, Redison hotel to name one! And no its not a new idea as most restaurant in western countries are using this kind of ordering for a few years now. The idea surely is innovative.

  6. K. Ananthan says:

    I quite liked dining with a difference: Diners place orders on an iPad based interactive system with an illustrated menu at the newly opened Sree Annapoorna- Sree Gowrishankar restaurant in Coimbatore. Great!

  7. Jason says:

    We develop an iPad email app,, the snappiest email app on iPad. It addresses the email overloading issue and automates the mobile inbox.

  8. Laura says:

    For those of you that run Party or event planning businesses, you may want to check Pro Party Planner an Ipad/iphone app with the best features for serious event planners

  9. peter sloep says:

    I like Things as a task management tool very much, it operates according to the Getting-Things -one principles, hence the name.

  10. Alex says:

    For those companies than also need an Android app, please check . This app builder is focused on small businesses

  11. Dale Wright says:

    Office2 is cheaper office program for IOS that works well with most office docs.

  12. John Burch says:

    Just a quick word for the wise — QuickOffice Pro HD is currently crashing on everyone’s iPad, under all OS versions. Make certain that your files for this app are stored in the cloud and NOT inside the app! Also, there is NO support provided for this fairly expensive app.

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