iPad for Beginners – 5 Important Tips

iPad For Beginners

If you are thinking about buying an Apple iPad, and have never owned one, there are a few things that you should know.

Important for Beginners

While you can do some of the same things on an iPad that you can do on a computer, there are some features and controls that make them different.

Using an Apple iPad isn’t difficult, it is actually quite simple, if you follow just a few useful but important tips:

  • Important Tip #1: Controls/Buttons; you can turn an iPad on and off by pushing a button that is usually found on the top right side of the device.  When an iPad has been left on for some time, and has been left unattended, it normally will “go to sleep,” and you can turn it back on by pressing this particular button.  Also on the top right part of the iPad are volume controls.  The volume of music, videos and other media on an iPad can be turned up and down by using the volume button.  The volume can also be adjusted in the settings part of an iPad as well. If you ever want to go back “home” on an iPad or the “desktop” area, you can do so by pushing the button that is found on the center of the device.  This will always take you back to the desktop if you get confused on how to find “your way back to the beginning.”
  • Important Tip #2: Navigation; you don’t have to use a mouse to navigate on an iPad.  All it takes is a simple swipes of your finger to go from page to page, or photo to photo.  You also point your finger at the application that you want, double tap and it opens.  To zoom into a photo or a webpage, you can also double tap.  There won’t be any need for a mouse when using an iPad unless you really want one.
  • Important Tip #3: Onscreen keyboard; an Apple iPad has an onscreen keyboard to type on.  It does not have an external keyboard, but you can buy one if you would rather have “real keys” to push.  Although, if you want to save money, then onscreen keyboard is quite handy and easy to use once you get used to it.
  • Important Tip #4: Communication; when you have access to Wi-Fi or Internet, you can text your friends and family or even make video calls to them using an iPad.  Most iPads have a program called “Skype” already installed that allows you to chat or make video calls.  The calls won’t cost you anything, as you are making them via the Internet.  There are also a number of applications that you can download that allow “free texting” or “free calls” as well.
  • Important Tip #5: Protection; to protect your iPad, it should have some type of screen protector, a sleeve or case.  Take careful caution not to drop your iPad, as this could damage it. Use a plastic screen protector to protect your screen from dust and scratches.  When you are not using the device, place it inside a sleeve or case.  A sleeve or case is also ideal for when you are traveling with your iPad too.

Get On Top

All beginning Apple iPad users should follow these simple tips as they learn to use the device.  While using an iPad can be fun and entertaining, be sure to remember these tips to ensure longevity of your new electronic device.

With proper care and great apps, it can last a long time and be used for things such as school, business or simple entertainment.

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