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iPad App Development & Free Tips – Keys to Success
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iPad App Development

Although you may think developing an app is like indulging in some fun and games, however there are some key ingredients to take into consideration before you start.

iPad app development is miraculously simple especially now Apple’s operating system (iOS) allows it to be done for either iPads or iPhones which are on the same platform.

Armed with appropriate iPad lessons you’ll soon have your own apps!

iPad App Development

To be successful you need to ensure it’s based on a great idea, a fantastic design, a lot of trial and error testing, a slick marketing approach, and perhaps most important of all it takes money, sometimes a lot of it!

Check out this newly developed app that allows you to peer into an eccentric Nobel winner’s brain as if they were looking through a microscope:

According to Fox News CHICAGO – Einstein’s brain is now an interactive iPad app, the brain that revolutionized physics now can be downloaded as an app for $9.99.  While Albert Einstein’s genius isn’t included, the app makes detailed images of his brain more accessible to scientists than ever before. Teachers, students and anyone who’s curious also can get a look.

A medical museum under development in Chicago obtained funding to scan and digitize nearly 350 fragile and priceless slides made from slices of Einstein’s brain after his death in 1955.  The new iPad app may allow researchers to dig even deeper by looking for brain regions where the neurons are more densely connected than normal, said Dr. Phillip Epstein, a Chicago-area neuroscientist and consultant for the museum.  Museum board member Jim Paglia said the app could “inspire a whole new generation of neuroscientists.” Now there’s an iPad lesson!

Read more HERE.

iPad App Development – Keys to Success

Uptake of Apple’s iOS upgrade reduces mobile development & support costs.  With so many users now on this platform it creates a huge opportunity for app development simply because of this growing user base, the reduction in development and support costs iOS provides, whilst ability to now implement the latest APIs and features.

iPad Apps Development

    Benefits Elucidation of Automated Unit Testing
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Now more that ever iPad users are upgrading Apple devices at a fantastic rate possibly due to the seamless process presented when it’s time to upgrade.

But with all this technology and wizardry challenging users, most of us only have a fundamental understanding when it comes to operating these multifarious devises.  What’s also needed now is some comprehensive iPad lessons to be able use it expertly.

If you’re a novice unsure how to go about kicking off an app development or using your devise like a wiz and looking for lessons and tips, then you’ve come to the RIGHT place!

Development from Idea to App Tips

iPads are everywhere providing their users with instant and available data connections driving the development of iCloud services and apps that provide new fast ways to get to information that are fun to use.

So keep in mind when developing an app who you would like to inspire, what types of behaviors and attitudes you may want to promote – who in society can access your apps and what can it do for them.  Here are a few tips to help development:

  • Market Research; typically iPad user demographics come from mainly 30 to 54 age group, comprising mostly males, that have a wealthy status, targeting functional and meaningful tools, principally business and productivity applications, followed by games, news and utility applications.
  • Define Potential Users; identify target age group, determine common characteristics they all share, ascertain what their potential problems are, determine how these problems can then be resolved in terms of saving them time and money.
  • Differentiate Potential Competitors; analyze best and worst rated apps within the target market, by researching forums and blogs for appropriate reviews, look for relationships and differences between features, with the aim of establishing: a) what’s missing; b) what can be improved; c) what value-add can be offered.
  • Deliver WOW to Users; aim for open-mindedness passion in developing a stand out app that embodies FUN, polished interface, stunning design, and amazing speed.  Embrace being adventurous and creative doing more with less building weirdness that USERS reach out to get hold of!
  • Clinch Environment’s Capabilities; learn and understand iPad features taking full advantage of screen size when presenting content and new classes, when building a user interface that appealing both visually and functional.
  • Functionality Guides; consider typical user expectations and operating habits such as: a) orientation mode, display in both portrait and landscape forms; b) gradual discovery, show content with navigation options suited to user activity, concealing unrelated options until required and avoiding a user experience that’s complex and demanding; c) master detail interface, astutely structure and display master lists and details for selected items taking advantage of split views or popovers when in portrait mode, providing functional simplicity; d) standardization, void use of non standard unfamiliar elements, rather enhance associated gestures like drag-tap-pinch to provide easy learning comfortable interface actions; d) application compatibility, expand user experience to enable sharing or data syncing with other tools like complimenting desktop applications or optimization for universal apps; e) performance, speed it the ultimate prize easily achieve by reducing calls and light code; e) overriding design, pursue visual appeal with advanced resolution graphics offering realistic touches to engage users – consider hiring professionals.
  • Final Development Steps; firstly you will need a MAC or MAC Mini, start by joining Apple’s iPad Dev Program ($99), membership gives you Phone SDK with Xcode, ipad simulator, interface builder, performance analyzer, video guides, sample codes, and forum access.  Download and install the latest version of the iPhone SDK.  Additionally, search the web for some great tutorials, guides and forums when needing help from other developers; Stanford iPad App Development course, Developer Forum, how to install Xcode / simulator, iOS development series by Dani, iOS video lessons by ProfGustin.
  • Testing; zealously check out your app’s performance and challenge your experience and user interface on the iPad simulator or directly on even on your device.
  • Marketing & Distribution; about 4 weeks prior to launch begin to build an expectant buzz and eagerness around your app by exploiting social networks, starting a blog, participating in appropriate forums, all aimed at building purposeful relationships that may help promotion whilst raising curiosity: a) create an early-bird membership offering a prototype and solicit beta-testers to prove your app; b) about 1 week before launch start to step-up the buzz to help further raise awareness through contests, free samples, offers, discounts, app bundle proffers, press releases, making short fun-surprising-shocking Youtube videos; c) ensure timeliness of your Apple application submission for review and approval.
  • Brand Excellence; during and after launch provide customer service excellence, ensure fast friendly and compelling communication thru all established channels extracting feedback quickly to better refine your app whilst building a brand!

I hope you’ve found these basic iPad app development steps useful, and remember if visiting the Apps Store, have a good look around and absorb what’s on offer to really inspire you.

Advancement from Novice to Wiz Tips

If you’re facing loads of features and functionality and feeling slightly lost and bewildered about how to get the most out of your iPad, here’s a way to make it easier to operate and guide you in becoming a wiz in just a few iPad lesson tutorials.

Don’t be fooled by sites and channels claiming to demonstrate how to use it effectively and don’t squander hours online searching for problems you’re experiencing with your tablet looking for decent lessons.

Whilst they are an easy device to use, reality paints a different picture.  I’ve already done the fruitless searching checking out countless pointless iPad lessons.  And don’t worry, I eventually found a couple of great iPad lesson guides that teaches you in no time to be using your devise like a pro:

1.    iPad Video Lessons (#1 Best Internationally Selling Online iPad Lesson *)
2.    iPad 4 Idiots

NOTE: Both of these sites can offer the best online iPad lessons available and WILL help you easily master your device and have FUN exploring some amazing features.

Fancy Finding Out More…

The only way to get the best user experience from your iPad’s features and apps and navigate it like a wiz is by LEARNING how!

Quickly discover everything about the best lesson guide currently available, what it costs, what is included. And what details are covered, by going here:

Click to Visit the iPad Video Lessons Website

Apps Development Resources:

* iPad Video Lessons maintains the #1 top iPad lesson seller position on Clickbank over the last few years and accepted as the best wide-ranging collection on the market.

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20 Responses to “iPad App Development”

  1. Alice Dalton says:

    I need help!! Nothing online is helping me. I want to transfer 3 videos from my IPad 2 to my computer. One is 18 minutes and the other two are 10 mins. When i plug my iPad into my computer, I go to ‘my computer’ and all of my stuff is there. My videos are at the bottom and they have their time length of video and the size of the file. (ranges from 700mb and 1.1gb).

    But when I select the video and drag it on my desktop nothing happens. It appears there but has 0 bytes and can’t be opened! I also tried Export Wizard, that didn’t work either. I kept getting errors and it saying the picture can’t be opened. Please help! I have done this before and it worked. I don’t know what to do.

    • Lionel says:

      Hi Alice – just connect it to a computer that has Windows 7 and replicate what you have tried previously and it should work – let me know if it doesn’t.

  2. Nina says:

    Got mine today! 64GB (black), WiFi only. I got the gray smart cover with it. I love my original iPad but it’s a bit long in the tooth and not as snappy. The Mini is the perfect size for portability. I see it going everywhere with me. The Kindle app is particularly awesome. I’m just getting it set up but I can’t stop playing with it all I need now is to learn how to use it properly!

    • Lionel says:

      Great Nina – portability is the mini biggest selling point in my opinion.. With the mini, it’s a breeze to bring along!

  3. Seb says:

    Hello and many thanks for putting up such a helpful Site – I keep coming back for more…

    I have a question if you can help, will the smart cover work with the new ios6 iPad?

    • Lionel says:

      Hi Seb, thanks for your kind comments – YES it should work with it as its the same width and also its listed on the smart cover page that it works with both iPads 2 & 3.

  4. Georgina says:

    I wondered if you could help, does iPad support adobe flash player. I very much like this blog with all of its useful tips and advice. thanks.

    • Lionel says:

      Hi Georgina, glad to be of service – there is an app called ‘ISwifter’ that connects you to their server, and shows flash websites through ’emulation’ but it’s not the best experience, although it is possible. Hope this helps!

  5. Joe Butler says:

    This site is so helpful with very good tips and advice, thank you for sharing with us. Are you able to help me tell how can I know when I buy an iPad if I am getting the latest model? I very much appreciate your site and your help!!

    • Lionel says:

      Glad I could be of assistance Joe – if you go online to the Apple website, it will display the latest model, only buy that model.

  6. Mindy says:

    What a great and exciting site and content you have – thanks for posting and helping people like me!! I need help, why can’t I find Siri on my third generation iPad with IO6?? Hope you can help thanks M.

    • Lionel says:

      Thanks for visiting Mindy – if it’s turned on in the Settings app, just press and hold the home button to see the Siri popup appear.

  7. Sky says:

    Hi, thanks for a really great website and info – I just upgraded to ios6 and it deleted all of my ipad contacts. This has never happened with a previous upgrade. Can I… get them back? Thanks…

    • Lionel says:

      Hey Sky, if you backed up your data, you sure can, just restore from backup via iTunes (or iCloud, if you were backing up there).

  8. Brian says:

    I have just installed ios 6 to my ipad. But I can’t find the youtube app. Can you please tell me where is it? Thanks for a great site and posts!

    • Lionel says:

      Hi Brian, They took it off because Google and Apple are having this big fight, and YouTube is part of Google. I know, I miss it too…just go to the App Store and get the free official YouTube app. hope this helps!

  9. Nancy says:

    Hello there, can you tell me whether the iPad supports multitasking please?

    • Lionel says:

      Hi Nancy, Yes it supports multitasking – as these new iOS devices become more powerful and sophisticated Apple is likely to continue to evolve the platform’s multitasking features.

  10. Jed says:

    Greetings! You have very helpful pointers and advice in this article and I’ve picked up some great tips! It is the little things that make the biggest differences when trying to work out how to use the iPad more effectively. Thanks very much for sharing!

    • Lionel says:

      Hi Jed, I’m rather pleased that you found some useful tips that you could use immediately! Please come and visit again soon!

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