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iPad 4 Idiots Review – Personal Experience …
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iPad 4 Idiots Review

This page was last updated on Thursday 16th of November 2017

iPad 4 Idiots is the online comprehensive lessons released by Jason Owens that are bite-sized and succinct tutorials, providing simple step by step guidance and teaching.

Jason has released this much needed program to help those of us who may feel a little intimidated with the sophistication of these hi-tech devises, and want to know how the be able to use their tablet more effectively.

iPad 4 Idiots Review

So, if you’re intent on making the most of your iPad, perhaps it’s a good time to get this iPad lessons RIGHT NOW!  According to PRWeb’s news release, ‘The amount of information you will learn is actually quite remarkable’.

PRWeb – ‎USA – releases a professional review of the product titled iPad 4 Idiots Review Released Today by  As user friendly as most Apple products are, a lot of people have found it strange that an item like the iPad has been delivered with no manual whatsoever. iPad for Idiots purports to be the answer.  These visual tutorials may show users just what they’ve been missing out on, making for a more enjoyable iPad experience.  All one needs is a decent iPad lesson to become an expert! was launched in 2012 as a source of unbiased reviews, having recognized that most other “review” websites are designed to lead people toward purchasing the product being reviewed.  It is the mission of to write clear and unbiased reviews for its readers and members.
Read more by visiting the Site.

iPad 4 Idiots Review – Personal Experience

But what’s creating ALL the propaganda around an iPad lessons?

Can it be that these lessons actually unlock the ultimate resource for everything required to reveal the mysteries concealed in your iPad?

I’ve gone behind the Member’s Area to discover the pros and cons that sit on this comprehensive iPad lessons guide, which seems we are deprived on the Apple tablet!

Intent behind iPad 4 Idiots …

iPad 4 Idiots MembershipIn terms of success today many Apple iPad owners are unaware and are missing out on getting the most from their high tech devices, especially when viewed from a business user perspective.

The Apple iPad 4 Idiots guide + video lessons offer provides lifelong membership to a comprehensive ebook and video lesson series, covering an array of inclusive topics and instructions.

Each iPad lesson is user-friendly, easy to understand and quick to read, enabling users to exploit all the features and apps, whether beginners or hardcore Apple iPad fans.

The offer includes free updates to all Apple devises, apps and features making sure your iPad skills keep abreast of technology developments, no matter what version you’re using.

I really like the lesson covering the new Face-Time chatting element especially chatting with someone you are close to and catch the effect on them!

Pros of iPad 4 Idiots …

If you’re frustrated trying to figure out your iPad and all it has to offer, well NOW it doesn’t have to sit idle anymore, because there is a way to become more proficient and even have FUN with Jason Owens iPad lessons.

My iPad 4 Idiots order was instantly processed and within minutes I had complete access to the comprehensive tutorial:

  • Access to Members Area is cleverly conceived and very easy to start enjoying the tutorials immediately, and with complete confidence. Menu selection and navigation is clear and simple to follow with easy step-by-step tabs.
  • Advice is helpful and arranged into small segments to aid understanding and learning the features quickly.  For the most part, lessons are full of tips and alerts, and keeps to the point.
  • The ebook is well written and the 8-part video series are entertaining.  It’s been easy to pick up and use the apps and features, even those I didn’t know existed, and much to my surprise I’ve actually had fun doing it.  The fact I could do it at a time and at my own pace suited me, and I could repeat them as often as I wanted.
  • Learning is remarkable, building skills and adeptness, enabling me to quickly articulate the different modules, like taking photos and sending them by email, making movie clips and posting them on YouTube.  I most enjoyed getting movies by using iTunes – well worth trying it out!

IMPORTANT NOTE: After I got my iPad it rapidly posed some real challenges, so I went online to find help, but most of the iPad lessons information was disappointing and spread all over the place.  It was tiresome and wearisome work, taking up hours before stumbling upon this program.  I didn’t know at the time, but iPad 4 Idiots is amongst the most downloaded iPad lessons product on the internet.

Cons of iPad 4 Idiots …

Like most new tablets and devices, Apple’s iPad has a few challenging features that are not particularly user friendly or instinctive, which leave one needing a little guidance and some lessons.

Generally speaking, Jason Owens product in the main contains good iPad lessons content and material, but there is definitely room for improvement:

  • An enthusiastic hardcore Apple iPad fan will find some of the material available second-nature and some may find parts too simple even for a beginner. Basic introduction features can easily be figure out without instruction.
  • Some of the information presented I found by searching on the internet which is available for free, but requires time to search and also foreknowledge to know what to search for.
  • Some tutorials are irrelevant with poor quality content, and some don’t feature screenshots.  I’d prefer Jason Owens to remove the simplistic ones which just waste time, and add a few more advanced ‘ninja’ tricks.  Conceivably one difficulty is that there isn’t a ‘live expert’ to ask questions, but there is a customer support ticket system.
  • If you want to find fault it’s easily done, but at the end of the day, it come to the amount of effort you’re willing to invest in developing your skills and what you can do with those skills – when you see something demonstrated by a real person, it makes it easier to swiftly understand and progress and advance.  I suggest looking at the iCloud training module!

Conclusion …

iPad 4 Idiots Jason OwensNow equipped with a personal experience and familiarity, there is little hesitation in my mind that that this product is 100% legitimate and available for download on the internet RIGHT NOW.

The fact that iPads come with a manual downloadable for free on the Apples website is accurate, but it’s exceptionally exhaustive and has meticulously comprehensive lessons, sufficient to make one’s head spin and head back to frustrated searching – I found it worth the money to get lessons that explain everything visually!

It’s also accurate that similar free videos are available on Sites like YouTube, but trawling through the Web gets you straight back to the frustrated searching when all you ever need to know is in one place instantly accessible with this iPad lessons guide.

I’m confident that Jason Owens Apple iPad 4 Idiots Guide will ensure I’m kept abreast of any changes and that I can grow my tablet skills well into the future.

Check out the official website for Apple iPad 4 Idiots Guide here:

iPad Resources:

PS: Many others are discovering for themselves that iPad 4 Idiots offer is a top selling opportunity you won’t want to miss out on, and it’s lessons have been downloaded by many thousands Apple iPad users worldwide.

16 Responses to “iPad 4 Idiots Review”

  1. Jason says:

    Hi Lionel, I just ran across your blog via aol. and I’m really delighted I found your website with such great content!! Can you tell me how can I get Adobe flash player on my ipad please?

    • Lionel says:

      Hi Jason, sadly there isn’t a version of the Adobe Flash player available for any IOS device. Apple and Adobe have had serious differences of opinion about this, and Apple states that Flash animations and videos take too much processing and battery power. They have decided to go with the industry-standard HTML5 video coding, as used in YouTube.

  2. Jerry B says:

    My iPad crashed last Monday. My brother knows how to restore it but I’ve been postponing because I dont want all my data — pictures especially — to be erased. Is there a way to restore the iPad without deleting the files? Or if its not possible, is there a way to recover the deleted files? I’ve looked at my video lessons offer, also my iPad is jailbroken by the way.

  3. Liza Andrews says:

    I’m not sure about all this so let me say if I’m smart enough to own an ipad I’m not sure if I’m smart enough to own this guide – can you help? Thank, Liza.

    • Lionel says:

      Hi Lisa, this is how I look at it, you bought your iPad to enjoy, so why not start enjoying using it instead – it’s simple enough and it has a money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose!

  4. Marty says:

    Lionel I just wanted to say I am very happy that I did buy this iPad4Idiot package and it’s perfect and I’m still learning so much!! Thanks a lot.
    PS. Mandy my girlfriend is also learning on her’s!

  5. Alanna says:

    Hello there, i want to understand if these lessons cover things such as customizing my ipad – thankx

    • Lionel says:

      Hi Alanna, these lessons certainly do – you can learn everything from working the Internet to Customization and they’re all in one easy to use guide.

  6. Phil Mills says:


    I’m understanding that the lessons and tutorials themselves are easy and simple to work thru but what about the tutorial program itself – are there any instructions on how to use them??

    By the way thanks for a great Website full of great hints and tips. PM.

    • Lionel says:

      Hi Phil and thanks for making contact and your kind comments – The program has 2 dedicated video tutorials to help you fully utilize the Ipad 4 Idiots guide, you won’t have to struggle with your ipad again!

  7. Andy W says:

    I’ve been reading a lot of good things regarding Ipad4Idiots and a concern I have is being able to getting any support once I start learning and working through these lessons. Thanks in appreciation…

  8. Vic says:

    Hello, I am a little intimidated with the sophistication of these hi-tech devises and would these lessons suit an absolute novice such as myself??

    • Lionel says:

      Hi Vic rest assured that all instructions, ebook and videos are very clear and extremely easy to follow even for beginners such as yourself, if you have any difficulties there is an online ‘support’ facility available. Hope this helps!

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